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Christmas Smiles

Making a difference during the holidays for local families in need!

2023 Christmas Smiles Program

The Forgotten Breed Motorcycle Club is an Organization that cares tremendously about our local community.

So, every year as the holidays approach, we make a concerted effort to raise funds to help the local families of Moraine, OH to ensure their kids have a great Christmas!

We us the funds we raise to "adopt" local kids and purchase the Christmas presents they might not otherwise receive due to many varying circumstances around the holidays.

We shop by age, gender, and as much as possible, the child's own requests, to take the pressure of hardships off of the family and make sure these kids still have a great holiday!

Over the years we have helped to make the holidays a bit less chaotic and hard for thousands of children in our local area.

Help us help the kids again this year by watching for ways that you too can be involved to make a difference and bring some Christmas Smiles to local kids!

The Hard Truth


in Moraine, 16% of residents have an income below the poverty line, and the child poverty rate is 22.3%.

On a per-household basis, 11.3% of families are below the poverty line in Moraine.


You read that correctly! From 2019 to 2020 there was a -4.51% decline in employment opportunities in Moraine.

When opportunities to work decline, you can imagine what happens to the family's financial stability...especially around the holidays!


Since 1997, Forgotten Breed MC, through Bikers for Forgotten Smiles and Christmas Smiles programs has helped more than 175 local families overcome some of these stressors and financial hardships through the years with YOUR help!

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