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Destiny & Dominic

We've already made a massive difference in more

than 175 families' lives, and still counting!

About the 2023 Recipients

Meet the Bikers for Forgotten Smiles 25th Annual Poker run recipients!

7-year-old Destiny Reynolds and 6-year-old Dominic Reynolds.

Destiny and Dominic live in West Carrollton, Ohio, and are 2 beautiful children that are dealing with what life has thrown their way!

Destiny has Spina Bifida and Cloves syndrome as two of the primary (of her more than 40 diagnosed) medical issues. Cloves syndrome is a medical condition that only 150 people worldwide have been diagnosed with. But, Destiny is the only one in the world diagnosed with these two diagnoses together! She has toughed it out through 32 hospitalizations and 19 surgeries so far as well as traveling to Boston Children's (YES! Massachussetts) at least every 90 days.

Dominic has been struggling with some issues as well! He is essentially non-verbal and uses to tablet to communicate what he can. He has cognitive deficiencies and suffers from seizures and two of his major hurdles are his diagnosis of Hydrocephaly and Enlarged kidneys.

This year's Poker Run scheduled for June 10th at Two Bobs Inn on Germantown Pike is going to be completely dedicated to helping these two fantastic kids out as best we can!

The Hard Truth


1 in 6 children aged 3-17, or about 17% of these kids has one or more developmental disabilities.

These families have more than enough on their plates to worry about. Together we can help relieve some stress for these families.


of these families struggle daily with stress related to personal issues, relationship issues, and financial matters!

Being able to bring a bright light into an already dim area in many of these families lives can make a lasting impact for many years to come!


Since 1997, Forgotten Breed MC, through Bikers for Forgotten Smiles and Christmas smiles programs has helped more than 175 local families to overcome some of these stressors through the years with YOUR help!

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