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Briar Rose was born in February of 2020. She was born 9 weeks early, with the diagnosis of pulmonary stenosis (valve closure in the heart)and seizures.  During her first open-heart surgery, she acquired a feeding tube. We were told Briar would most likely never walk, eat, or talk on her own.

Since moving from Florida Briar's medical complexities have become more evident. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, muscular dysplasia, severe anxiety, autism, ADHD, behavioral issues, and Strabismus (misaligned eyes). She will be receiving eye surgery in April.
The medical therapies have added up. She attends physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and aquatic therapy, among many more each week; not to mention she sees more than 10 specialists monthly. Due to her low muscle tone, she is wheelchair dependent. She also uses braces on her legs.  

Briar is almost 2 years out of her second open heart surgery and valve replacement ( now 4  years old on Feb 13th). She will have to have another valve replacement, although we pray it won't be until she is older.

Mom is unable to work due to her own medical issues and she cares for Briar's 3 other siblings, and each has their own medical complexities. 

Living in a one-income household with 5 medically complex children is tough. The constant travel to and from appointments is a lot in gas and vehicle upkeep and brings a lot of financial strain to the household.  

We just recently found out that Briar needs a medical bed and some other adaptive equipment. Due to Briar's sensory issues, we have a hard time finding equipment, foods, toys, etc that Briar can work with successfully. 

There are often overnight stays at the hospital, which makes it stressful for all the children let alone financially because Briar's dad loses work time.


Every day is an adventure being a special needs family with multiple children with multiple special needs.

The Hard Truth


1 in 6 children aged 3-17, or about 17% of these kids has one or more developmental disabilities.

These families have more than enough on their plates to worry about. Together we can help relieve some stress for these families.


of these families struggle daily with stress related to personal issues, relationship issues, and financial matters!

Being able to bring a bright light into an already dim area in many of these families lives can make a lasting impact for many years to come!


Since 1997, Forgotten Breed MC, through Bikers for Forgotten Smiles and Christmas smiles programs has helped more than 175 local families to overcome some of these stressors through the years with YOUR help!

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